We pride ourselves on providing attentive, detail oriented and friendly service that focuses on saving our clients the most money possible.

We handle tax preparation and filing services for individuals, families, trusts and small businesses and can help with…

  • Rental Income Property
  • Investment Income
  • Gifts
  • Retirement Planning (Tax implications and consequences)

We handle business returns for small start-ups and mature businesses, including…

  • Partnerships
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • S-Corporations
  • LLCs

We can also help with…

  • Un-filed and past due returns.
  • Registered domestic partners (RDPs) and transitions to married filing jointly.
  • Preparing and filing returns for any US state and can help with out-of-state filing.
  • Experience with filing while living and/or working overseas.

We believe that most consultations are part of what you pay for in your basic service fee.  Annual meetings and simple incidental consultations are included in your annual fee. We will never surprise you with an unexpected invoice just because you called with a question. If your question requires a significant amount of discussion, preparation, or research we will provide an estimate before you begin to incur fees.

We also offer certain bookkeeping services including training and set-up on QuickBooks for small business and personal finances and we can provide ongoing bookkeeping services via QuickBooks Online.